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Some Things About Me

Born in the sign of Leo just before the romanian revolution '89, in Bârlad, I actually had a real childhood with games like Hide-and-Seek and more weird romanian games name like Țurca, Urechea and Popa Prostu and I even broke some neighbors's windows with a cheap ball [not like these days where every child is sitting in front of a computer having only 'virtual friends' - sorry guys, feeling pity for you].

Studying at Theoretical High School "Mihai Eminescu", Bârlad, in a mathematical-informatics class, gave me a insight about the soul of the computer, which we all know as software and since then I always knew what a want to be and do - a computer soul creator, a software enginner also known to all as a programmer, degree which I was entitled after I graduated University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Faculty of Computer Science, Iași, Romania.

I provide IT Consultancy services since 2005 which includes support, configuring and solutions for every operating system and hardware, no mather if it's desktop or mobile, becoming more experienced each day with the low-level programming.

I worked as a Potographer for 5 years, thanks to my cameraman colleague, Mihai Mocanu, which provided the tools needed to get fit to the level of manual handling of aperture and settings - Canon 17-85mm, 28-135mm on Canon 650D, 40D, 5D Mark II with Canon 420EX, 430EX II.


I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for making this possible, for his patience working with me up to the end.
Caras Ionut
Always there and always with the knowledge I need.
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What I Do

  • Consultancy


    Providing free tech support like software/hardware configuring and repair, IT consulting and hardware/software moding fit to every desire
  • Coding


    Implementing your visually dreaming ideas to facts using the latest programming languages
  • Photography


    Started as a passion, transformed to a skill and then to a beloved job, taking shots of beatiful moments of Christening, weddings and special ocasions
  • Hacking


    just... 'fixing' things ^_^





High School "Mihai Eminescu", Class "Mathematics-Informatics", Barlad

Faculty of Computer Science


University "Alexandru Ioan Cuza", Faculty of Computer Science, Iasi


    Looks 85%

    Seriousity 100%

    Humour 50%

    Social 80%

    Listener 90%

    Doer 100%


    HTML 90%

    CSS 70%

    Javascript 80%

    PHP 50%

    ASP 50%

    Others 40%


    Photoshop 75%

    Illustrator 40%

    Fireworks 30%

    Flash 30%

    Lightroom 60%

    Gimp 65%



If you want to get in touch with me for a project, to give feedback or even just to say hi, you may use this contact form as well.